Full-Toe Cedar Shoe Trees by Allen Edmonds

Full-Toe Cedar Shoe Trees by Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds

  • $ 26.95

We recommend using full-toe shoe trees after each wearing of your Allen Edmonds to maintain the regular shape of your shoes. Allen Edmonds full toe trees are contoured to complement the lasts that we use in manufacturing our footwear and feature ventilation slots to quickly dissipate moisture. Looking for trees for a non-Allen Edmonds pair of shoes? Our Combination Cedar Shoe Trees are designed to adjust to accommodate the shape of any brand shoe.

We started making cedar products 20 years ago, for the fact that when you make shoes that are timeless classics you should also make the highest quality shoe trees so that customers can protect and preserve their footwear. Sourced from the best cedar trees in Arkansas, our shoe and wardrobe-care products have an attractive red hue because 75% of the wood we use is from the water conducting heartwood of the plant; a key factor in keeping your apparel dry and free of damaging molds. So whether you are looking to safeguard your shoes, clothes, ties or belt, our cedar products (which also naturally repel moths) make sure your Allen Edmonds shoes and other attire endure as long as their style.


  • Solid wood shoe trees
  • Full-toe shape is ideal for Allen Edmonds shoes and boots
  • All-natural, aromatic cedar dries, deodorizes, and repels moths
  • 75%+ cedar heartwood sourced from Arkansas
  • Proudly made in the USA in Port Washington, Wisconsin

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